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Contactless Water dispenser 25 / 28 series

Clover company based in South Korea have developed the contactless water dispenser which activates through motion sensor technology under the brand name Aquverse.

We could proudly say that we have highly improved the convenience while using the product with a contactless system and the safety while getting the hot water. furthermore, heavily considered the prevention of further contamination from hands to hands, especially during the season of Covid-19.

To achieve the best conditions while using the touch-free model of 25 series, the user could switch the dispenser from touch-free mode to normal button control mode. Moreover, available to switch into an auto-filling mode which water falls 130 ml (4.5 oz) by operating the button or sensor once. Aquverse touch-free model could be flexibly changeable as following demands from the user. Enjoy the innovative water performance with Aquverse.


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