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Contactless Water dispenser 25 / 28 series

Clover, a South Korean company, has innovated a contactless water dispenser named Aquverse that operates using motion sensor technology.

Revolutionizing Water Dispensing: Contactless Convenience, Safety, and Adaptability

Our product has greatly increased convenience by incorporating a contactless system and enhanced safety in hot water dispensing. Additionally, we have placed a high priority on preventing potential contamination, which is especially important during the current Covid-19 situation.

The touch-free 25 series model is engineered to provide users with an exceptional experience. It allows for a smooth transition between touch-free and button control modes, enhancing convenience. Moreover, the inclusion of an auto-filling mode, which dispenses 130 ml (4.5 oz) of water with a single button press or sensor activation, adds to the user-friendly design. The Aquverse touch-free model is thoughtfully crafted to accommodate user preferences, offering flexibility and delivering an innovative water dispensing solution.


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