OEM/ODM Business

One Stop Service from R&D to Production

Today, we are working directly with world famous brand owner to fulfill their needs in high quality products. Clover has numerous collaboration experience, a lot of great success in the market and great engineers plus excellent suppliers around us.
Please knock on our door and Clover will be there with you for your success.

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Bottled Water Dispensers

This is our core competency Clover owns for last 30 years. Consumers will choose the coolers made by Clover, because they know Clover makes exceptionally high quality product.


Point of use Water Dispensers

Clover owns world-wide patents on our CFDD cooling system, of which applications are to bring their products great competencies to beat the market. Please contact us for more information about CFDD.


Coffee Brewers and Brewing Technologies

Clover T1 and T2 delivered great user experience for Java lovers in United States. Our brewing technologies in each brewer keeps the best taste and flavor of coffee beans at the capsule for  the best cups of coffee for your best day and everyday. Let us know how you want to serve your customer sip the best coffee and Clover will give you the solution.